Video: Useful Personality Traits in Business

This video was produced by in conjunction with Harvey Thorneycroft Ltd.

Video Transcript

If you look about what you need to succeed in every day life, in any sphere or dimension, it boils down to two things:

First of all, you need to requisite skillset necessary to do the job.

And secondly, what you also need is the right kind of personality to enable you to optimally operationalize that skillset, ok. One without the other, and you’re not going to be successful.

So, in a business context, let’s look at that in terms of psychopathic characteristics.

Let’s say you have all the technical ability to be a top Captain of Industry. Let’s say that you’ve got the corporate smarts and you’ve got the business acumen, but you lack the ability to fire someone if they’re underperforming, you lack that ruthless streak. Let’s say that you also lack the ability to take a calculated risk when appropriate, you lack the mental toughness to bounce back after a setback, you lack the resilience to compartmentalise and to focus on the issue at hand. No matter how many Harvard MBAs you’ve got, if you don’t have those personality characteristics, which, I might stress, are all psychopathic personality characteristics, you are not gonna make it as the next Bill Gates.