The Daily Mail: Scientists conclude BOTH presidential candidates may be psychopaths

The lively and sometimes entertaining Presidential race has left Americans and even the entire world questioning both candidates’ mental state.

Between Donald Trump’s unorthodox behavior and Hillary Clinton’s blatant disregard for State Department laws, experts wonder if these White House competitors exhibit similar traits of other historical leaders.

A new study into psychopathic traits reveals that Trump ranks above Adolf Hitler and below Saddam Hussein, whereas Clinton is lodged between Napoleon and Emperor Nero – but some of these traits can make them a more successful leader.

Oxford University’s Dr. Kevin Dutton has been exploring the psychopathic traits of the candidates and other historical figures using a standard psychometric tool, the Psychopathic Personality Inventory – Revised (PPI-R), reports Scientific American Mind.

While learning about these traits, Dutton also looked at which ones can be beneficial and which will lead to destruction.
He explains that being a psychopath is not an all-or-nothing affair, but is on a spectrum along which each of us has our place.

There also seems to be a range of positions that attract individuals on the high end of the psychopathic scale such as business, surgery, the law military and of course, politics.

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