The Psychopath Challenge

Ever wondered if YOU might be a psychopath? Well, here’s the ironic thing: if you’re worried about it then you probably aren’t. Of course, filling in one questionnaire won’t really tell you for sure… but having said that, why not take the “Psychopath Challenge”

If you do take it it’s important to bear in mind that this is not a diagnostic tool just a general indication of where you might fall on the psychopathic spectrum. Remember, clinicians use a wide range of techniques to reach a diagnosis and questionnaires are just one tool in their box.

On the other hand, if this test reveals a few psychopathic traits then you’re in good company… with those who work in leadership and management positions, as well as high-risk occupations.

Are you a Psychopath?

Indicate the extent with which you agree or disagree with each of the statements below. We’ll calculate your total and check it against the scale to provide a rough idea of where you are on the psychopathic spectrum.